VABmusic How to order:

  •   By ordering Music, you agree to the conditions below
  •   Sen dan E-mail to, stating your name, adress, and the pieces you


  •   You will recieve a mail of confirmation with a bill.
  •   Pay the total amount to the bank account on the bill.
  •   When the correct amount has been received, your order will be sent to you by post.
  •   You can use the “shop basket”.


  •   All prices are including tax and postage.
  •   All Music is registered by the authors rights organisation BUMA/STEMRA. Any

    performances or recordings must be reported at Buma/Stemra, PO box 380, 2130KB

    Hoofddorp, Netherlands.

  •   When performing or recording this Music outside the Netherlands, you must notify

    the authors rights organisation in that country.

  •   Copying or spreading VABmusic publications is prohibited without written permission

    by VABmusic.

  •   You must inform VABmusic of any (cd) recordings regarding pieces obtained from

    VABmusic. A copy of the recording would be much appreciated.